What are the Drawbacks of Smoking?


largeNowadays we all see that many people around us are smoking and there are teenagers, professionals, women, and old people in these smokers. Sometimes it can be felt that the population of smokers is increasing day by day. Although everyone knows that smoking is really dangerous and it can cause serious harm to your body, still people are not able to quit this habit. Sometimes people are aware of the drawbacks of a bad habit like smoking, but they don’t get the real idea until something happens to them or to someone who is close to them. It is always better to be aware of the disadvantages and bad effects of smoking on your body so that everyone will try to quit this dangerous habit.

This habit is more dangerous these days as people don’t smoke only tobacco, but they also smoke various drugs which cause even more damage to your body. At least the habit of tobacco smoking can be stopped, but smoking drugs are very addictive and it is very difficult to quit.

Disadvantages of smoking

  • The most common side effect of smoking is the possibility of lung cancer. Research has shown that 90% of the patients suffering from lung cancer are smokers and that smoking is the main cause of Lung cancer. Smokers are almost 40% more prone to suffer from lung cancer than the non-smokers.
  • If a pregnant woman is a smoker, then she is not only putting herself in danger but she is also putting herno-smoking-day-large unborn baby at risk. In cases of mothers who smoke drugs, their babies are born with various drug addictions and their life is really in danger as they are so small and fragile. These babies may suffer from Asthma or weak lungs due to a mother who smoke during pregnancy.
  • If a smoker is a man, then smoking can affect his fertility and his sperm count. These men may suffer from low sperm count and the sperms may not be healthy as compared to the sperms of non-smokers. These sperms may not be successful in fertilizing the egg and this may result in the men being infertile.
  • Smoking also affects the financial condition of the smoker and this has adverse effects on the family of the smoker. As the smoking is an addiction, these smokers may deprive their families ofessentials like food and clothing to satisfy their cravings and addiction.
  • Passive smoking is also very dangerous. It means that the smokers are creating problems for the non-smokers when they smoke around these people. The non-smokers who spend time around smokers also face the same dangers the smokers face. It means that these people are affected by smoking even when they don’t smoke.

Smoking is not only dangerous for you but it is dangerous to all the people around you including your family and friends. The dangers to personal health are important, but the damage done to the environment is also important. Smoking causes pollution and which affects the whole society. Such a dangerous habit must be stopped.